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We are downloading our skillz


1. Free Public Aimbot PATCHED

2. Free VIP Hack


1.   Free Public Aimbot PATCHED

1.1 Download

1.2 start the Public Crack.exe

1.3 enter any name and password

1.4 start Crossfire

1.5 choose Crossfire and press Stream by Hack

1.6 Press Entf/Del Taste to open the Menu



Free VIP Hack

2.1 Download

2.2 Start Finject as Admin

2.3 Processname: crossfire.exe

2.4 go to the + and choose skillz-cf.com.dll and    


2.5 go to settings make click by auto inject and

                                                  close injection

2.6 Fontcolor: clgreen

2.7 now start crossfire

2.8 click on the banner

2.9 press f10 or insert for opening menu

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